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The Untold Truth of McDonalds Fries

Have you ever walked into a McDonalds restaurant and asked the cashier for a Big Mac or an onion bag? Maybe you bought one at the local supermarket and paid extra for it because you thought you were being thrifty. Maybe your kids asked you to take them to their favorite fast food place for their fries, thinking you were being nice. If you thought those thoughts, you are definitely not alone in this world! People all around the world love their hamburgers and fries. The question is: “Are they healthy?”

The truth is that any fast food diet is not good for your body. You should be able to tell a difference between a French fry and a Big Mac when you see it, but you cannot always. The problem lies with the ingredients within the french fries. Most of them are filled with fat, salt and sugar that could ultimately lead to high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity.

For people trying to lose weight, the best thing to do is to skip the French fries. However, since everyone from kids to seniors have them, it is not always possible. Since you cannot go back and change every bite of your food, there is no other way to decide if these fries are part of a healthy diet or not. It is time to learn the truth about McDonalds fries and discover if eating them is really bad for you. Here are some things that might surprise you about fast food.

First, the amount of calories in French fries is shocking. Studies show that consuming three portions of French fries leads to about two thousand calories of fat. That is equivalent to burning off twenty-three liters of fat! If you have a sedentary lifestyle full of walks and gym workouts, this will surely add up over time. The good news is that by eating the less fatty foods, you can still lose weight without sacrificing much on your lifestyle.

Second, it would be best not to treat this as an acceptable form of fast food. People often think that French fries are acceptable because they have yellow, asian-inspired sauce splashed all over them. Sadly, this is far from the truth. Aside from the fact that they are filled with trans fat, sodium and sugar, French fries are not exactly healthy either. In fact, they rank up there with eating a bucket of raw potatoes.

Finally, it is important to remember that the health effects of French fries stem more from the ingredients than the actual dish itself. The more hydrogenated oil used, the more unhealthy the dish becomes. trans fat is particularly harmful, while the salt alone is enough to make the dish highly undesirable. So the next time you order French fries, ask yourself this – is it worth it? If you answer positively, then forget about french fries for your health and start eating healthier choices instead.

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